Leading edge technology solutions

We believe that Ukraine with its pool of talented engineers represents a strong alternative to traditional outsourcing destinations like India and China.

Completed projects:

FORTRAN Software Porting

Nonliner Solver Porting

Newtol-like nonlinear system solver was ported from FORTRAN to C++.
Solver was used to calculate stationary point of large system of onlinear equations. Additional features like adaptive memorry allocation/deallocaation was implemented to moderate memory requirements.

Porting of Adaptove Regression Splines Library

Library implementing adaprive regression splines was ported from FORTRAN to C using manual code rewrite.
New library was used in updated customers application.

Scientific and Technology Applications

Technology Check

Desktop application which allows statistically processing and visualizating measurements results made in/after silicon wafer production. Measured results of elements located at individual dies are pre-processed and shown using number of representations.

Project was made using as desktop application.

Network Control System

Ramified project, which collects information about network devices, controls appearance of new devices or disappearance of existing. Different components allow logging events, delivering them using different transports, check and controlling devices using different protocols, controlling devices’ properties, alerting on their (critical) changes. As a reaction on certain conditions system allows user to restore operation of network appliances and to leave network .

Implemented using open and proprietary libraries, C, C++, PHP, Flex.

A series of projects for monitoring equipment and services. 

Clients: WEB100, BOSCH Ukraine, BOSCH Russia, hosting site

Main tasks:

  • Monitoring availability and performance of servers, routers, network equipment.
  • Monitoring availability and functionality of web projects, network services.
  • Monitoring physical settings of server and network equipment: CPU, disk storage, motherboard, fan speed.
  • Monitoring functionality and operating settings of following services: http, https, ftp, ssh, file system, security system.
  • Statistics collection charting.
  • SMS and e-mail alerting people concerned in case of overruning controlled indicators.
  • Providing distributed access to results.
  • Collection of statistics of server equipment functionality.
  • Collection of statistics of applications servers, services: tomcat, mysql, apache web server, nginx, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).
  • Automatic identification of DDOS attacks' sources and temporary block of attackers IP.
  • Formation of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly graphs with indicators.
  • Solutions are built using Nagios, Zabbix, MRTG, SNMP, PERL.

Model Parameter Extractor

Prototype of the program for automated MOSFET parameter extraction, based on the measurements of special topology blocks embedded in IC.

Implemented using Python and Octave.


Enterprise Power Consumption monitoring system

Web-based system to monitor power consumption and power station regimes for medium-size factory.

System consisted of set of different sensors, correspondent controllers, industrial board to collect controller information, real time data server, database and web server.

Tier one - telemetry:
= power meters
= main transformer thermometers
= hot line sensors
= switch position sensors
were combined with real-time server to collect information and store it to database.

At tier two that information was:
= depicted on factory wiring diagram (switches positions, line statuses, transformer oil temperatures, power consumed)
= visualized in graphs (energy, temperature vs time) in daily, weekly, monthly perspective.

Implemented using mySQL, PHP, JS, HTML, Java for Windows.

Embedded Software and Systems

Airline Registration Kiosk

Check-in registration kiosks are located in Borispol International airport and equipped with large displays and touch-screens, which allows passengers to check-in at their airline.

Solution is made using COTS hardware and MS Windows.

Photometer/ NightMeter

Micro-controller program which manages operations of photometer; work with controller pin levels, ADC, serial port, implements complex menus and measurements, calibration, optics alignment functions.
Device is aimed to measure luminance, illuminance and source intensity and include optics with analog receiver, microprocessor with software and 3rd party range finder.

Implemented using C.

Flash-based file system with CAN interface

Micro-controller software which litens CAN bus for specific comands and impllements file storage on FLASH memory utilizing special algoriths to increase FASH memory erase cycles number. Designed to store small chunks of data (a few KB) allowing frequent rewrite f them (>100M cycles)

Implemented using C.