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Desna Systems has sponsored the seminar "Prospects of Hardware Design development in Ukraine"

March 28, 2007 – Kiev – Desna Systems, Ukrainian science and engineering software development company, sponsored the seminar “Prospects of Hardware Design Development in Ukraine”.

The seminar was held as part of the program «Ukraine, The IT First Nation», organized by the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative. The seminar was aimed at discussion of the current status of microelectronics industry in Ukraine, identifying areas of design and development of microelectronic devices in Ukraine.

Objectives of the seminar:

  • Assess the current state of the industry Hardware Design
  • Discuss the prospects and opportunities of development in the hardware industry
  • Presentation of the "Cadence Academic Network in Ukraine"

The participants of the seminar were representatives from Ukrainian universities that specialize in microelectronics, representatives from Ukrainian companies and enterprises working in microelectronics area.


Materials of the seminar "Prospects of Hardware Design development in Ukraine"


About Desna Systems 

Desna Systems ( is an engineering software development company specializing in innovative, complex and mixed-level solutions for a variety of industries.  

Company works with unparalleled application development, complex algorithms in application’s logic and work with equipment. 

Working since 2006, Desna Systems has delivered applications for measurement processing and visualization, network control and management applications, applications for control and management of technological equipment, distributed data processing systems, as well as embedded applications, applications for mobile platforms, embedded Linux.


About Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative ( – is a leading alliance in offshore software development and IT outsourcing industry in the Ukraine. The main objective of the association is to promote Ukrainian software development companies in foreign markets.

Hi-Tech Initiative provides Ukrainian software developers with the opportunity to enhance their business in the areas of IT outsourcing and offshore programming by using the partner network and marketing channels of the Initiative in the external markets.

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative provides the services in establishing partnerships, collaborating in IT projects implementation, assisting in BPO between the Ukrainian and Western companies.

In 2008 Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative became one of the founders of Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA).

Posted on 03/04/2007