Larry Constantine

Hiring people to write code to sell is not the same as hiring people to design and build durable, usable, dependable software.


Proposing our services we wish point out important aspects:



  • Adaptive processes - we propose flexibility, fitting your processes and complementing lacking parts.
  • Flexible Team structures – our  teams reflects your needs – starting from one developer.
  • NearShoring - having 1 hr difference with European countries and 7 hrs difference with USA East Coast and additionally shifting work hours we can propose significant business hours overlap – full day with Europe and up to 4 hrs with USA. That simplifies direct communications (skype, web-conferencing) during regular business hours.
  • Ease of travels and meetings – Ukrainian legislation does not require any visas for US and Europe citizens for visits shorter than 90 days. Kiev have direct flights to most European cities and 1 connection to major USA cities.


IP protection

  • NDA – we sign NDA if you ask for it.
  • Proven history  - no issues during more that 10 year of operation.


Fast time to market

  • Constant team communication – provide persistent knowledge transfer / interchange and improves situation over both sides of the border.
  • Agile processes – allow adjustment of the project at latest stages of the cycle.
  • Quick issue resolution – we agree issue resolution schedule so important problems can be detected and fixes as soon as possible.


Technical Expertize

  • Proven competency in selected areas:
    • Semiconductor device modeling, circuit modeling, device parameter extraction.
    • Measurement processing and visualization.
    • Network control and management.
    • Distributed data processing systems.
    • Embedded Software and Systems.
    • Fortran development/mixed language applications.


Embedded Software

  • Software development for embedded and mobile systems, Embedded Linux, QT, Applications for mobile OS.


Fortran development

  • Software development with Fortran.
  • Modification and porting legacy FORTAN.
  • Develop software in a mixture of FORTRAN and C/C++, combining speed and versatility.
  • Revitalize legacy software systems, arrange remote access to existing software.
  • Modify existing software, extend it or embed in new environment.
  • Port FORTRAN software to modern architectures.