Desna Systems is an engineering software development company specializing in innovative, complex and mixed-level solutions for a variety of industries.

It doesn’t matter how large or small our clients are, as each of them come to us with similar demands. They will to get easy communications and working processes with a cost-effective solution as a result. And they get it!

Year in the Industry


Our engineering team is located Kyiv, Ukraine –  our overlap with European Union countries is 7 hours, overlap with USA and Canada is 2-3 hrs, which we increase to 5 hrs shifting work of correspondent groups. That simplifies direct communications (skype, online-conferencing) during clients and partners regular business hours.


Company has experience in software development for numerical-intensive applications, measurement processing and visualization, semiconductor industry, device modeling and parameter extraction. We also know about embedded systems and hardware design.

Scientific and technology applications

Numerical intensive applications, including FORTRAN software.
Measurement processing and visualization.
Semiconductor device modeling, circuit modeling, device parameter extraction.
Distributed data processing systems.

Fortran software development, modification and porting

Develop software in a mixture of FORTRAN and C/C++, combining speed and versatility.
Revitalize legacy software systems, arrange remote access to existing software.
Modify existing software, extend it or embed in new environment.
Port FORTRAN software to modern architectures.

Embedded software and systems

Software development for embedded and mobile systems.
Programming for microcontrollers.
Applications for mobile OS, including Embedded Linux.


Adaptive processes – we propose flexibility, fitting your processes and complementing lacking parts.
Flexible Team structures – our teams reflects your needs – starting from one developer.
NearShoring – Since 11 of June 2017 our team members from Kyiv office do not need a visa and it takes 1-3 hrs of fly to customers’ office around the European Union.

IP protection

NDA – we sign NDA if you ask for it.
Proven history – no issues during more that 12 year of operation.