Irrigation Controller

Irrigation Controller


This controller is designed for “smart” watering of lawns in home gardens and residential complexes.
The controller manages irrigation using the following data:

  • Soil moisture
  • Rain
  • Water level in the tank for irrigation

Built according to a modular scheme, the modules can be connected using industrial RS485 protocol; manages 8 valves directly and up to 128 via expansion cards.


Built on a 32-bit processor.
The main unit contains:

  • 6 analog inputs – for connecting humidity sensors
  • 6 threshold inputs – for connecting rain sensors and other event sensors
  • 2 electric current sensors
  • Ethernet, Wifi, USB, RS-485
  • SD card records all watering events

Sensors compatibility

The controller is compatible with sensors from different manufacturers:

  • Pressure sensor – 4-20 mA, for example, “glass instrument” PD-4-24
  • Soil moisture sensor 0-3V, for example Vegetronics VH400
  • Soil temperature sensor 0-3V, for example Vegetronics TERM200
  • Rain sensor 0/3 V, for example Hunter Rain Click
  • Limit sensors – for example, in conjunction with a float to monitor the water level in the tank
  • Flaps – AC, 0-24 V, for example Hunter

The controller is made with the option of upgrading basic installations (timer + irrigation valve) to “smart” irrigation.


Agriculture, Urban


The residential complexes in Kiev.
Stylish 5-storey houses, where everything is planed to the smallest detail.
Spacious alleys for walks, cozy gazebos, innovative playgrounds. It is quiet and cozy, as in the English suburb.

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